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2017 Chapter Board of Directors

Sonny Hambrick President (760)684-9011
Todd Ziske Vice President (760)887-2232
Billy Harris
Commissioner (909)721-6158
Michelle Walker Co-Chapter AD (760)964-1549
Marty Soria Co-Chapter AD (760)885-8239
Shannon Garibay Co-Cheer Coord. (909)996-7821
Sarah Andrews Co-Cheer Coord. (760)515-0583
Sara Mulford Secretary (909)856-6731
Salina Gregg Treasurer (760)220-2353


General Board Members

Greg Soria Deputy Commissioner (760)885-8238

Joelene Hambrick Marketing Coord. (760)684-3975

Jessica Jones Fundraising Coord. (760)912-3307

Jeremiah Vermillion Equipment Mgr. (760)832-3278

Melissa Moon Gear Coordinator (760)717-7107
Open position Snack bar Coord.

For general information, please email us at

Please feel free to call, text, or email any of our board members to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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A Chapter of the Southern California Junior All American Football & Cheer Conference