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JUne Conditioning!

Teams and Weight Divisions



Age as of July 31st 7 8 8&9 10










5% Max Weight on Physical to Practice 105 95 116 100 137 121 158 142 Unlimited Unlimted
Max Weight on Certification Day 100 90 110 95 130 115 150 135 Unlimited Unlimited

Official Ball Sizes

Junior Micro - (ex: Wilson Peewee size) Size: 9 1/4"- 9 1/2"

Micro & Junior Pee Wee - (ex: Wilson Junior size) Size: 10 1/4" - 10 1/2"

Pee Wee - (ex: Wilson Youth size/ Intermediate) Size: 10 1/2" - 10 3/4"

Equipment and Uniforms as Extraordinary as Our Athletes

With a national focus on head injuries in youth sports and particular focus on youth football, we have carefully selected our equipment provider. Riddell USA is among the elite as far as equipment manufacturers are concerned. With patented technologies designed to reduce the possibility of concussions, Riddell helmets are among the safest available and most trusted by elite players in the National Football League.

The Apple Valley Rebels are proud to call Riddell USA our official equipment provider. In an effort to ensure that our athletic equipment continue to meet our performance and safety standards, our helmets are sent back to Riddell for reconditioning and recertification EVERY year! 

Reconditioning and recertification is the process in which your equipment is cleaned, sanitized, buffed, painted (or re-painted), inspected, repaired and NOCSAE certified. Please take the time to read more about the importance of helmet recertification by clicking on this link.

"What is Helmet Reconditioning?" 

Players will be provided with a helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, 7 piece pad set, spirit pack, game jersey, and game pants provided by Under Armour.

Practice jersey with the player's last name on back, rubber molded cleats, practice pants, socks, mouthpiece, and soft cup will be purchased separately by each player. Practice jerseys can be black, white, or orange. Player names should be in contrasting league colors.

Steel, aluminum, detachable hard rubber or nylon with metal cap cleats are not allowed. Mouthpieces must cover all upper teeth and be a readily visible color EXCEPT white or red. Mouthpieces MUST be attached to the facemask with a strap and must be worn at all times during contact drills and live play at all practices and games.

Important Concussion Information and Resources

Riddell Concussion Reduction Technology (CRT) is the most advanced impact- reducing helmet technology available to the market which is why Riddell is the official helmet provider of the National Football League and the Apple Valley Rebels.

Concussions are traumatick brain injuries that must be taken seriously. Concussions can occur in any sport or recreational activity. That is why all coaches, parents, and athletes need to learn concussion signs and symptoms and what to do if a concussion occurs. Below you will find information detailing concussion recognition, management and prevention.

Concussion Protocol

Parent & Athlete Information

Concussion Facts for Coaches/ ADs

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For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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